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Le Chiffre Capital Limited is an all-rounded international financial services provider who specializes not only in asset management and advisory on securities, but much more. Wherever possible we endeavour to provide all the solutions our clients may need, to facilitate their financial goals. We also realize that there are certain areas of planning that we need to seek strategic assistance with and as such, we have partnered with many other strategic partners and providers to be able to assist our client with the following services.

To begin investing in securities and alternative assets, and reach your ideal annual yield, contact our sales agent today and explore Le Chiffre Capital’s fantastic asset management offerings.

Asset Management

We specialize in structuring, launching and administering individual and tailor-made solutions for our clients and partners in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Asia in general. We also manage and look after all the investment funds and have an experienced and competent professional team to support our clients and partners.

To explore Le Chiffre Capital’s fantastic asset management offerings and enquire about customized financial solutions for both traditional and digital assets management, contact our sales team today and our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions.

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